The wine region of Franciacorta is bordered on one end by Bellavista wineries and on the other by Contadi Castaldi and it is here that some of the Italian wine industry's best bubblies come from today. Founded in 1977, Bellavista wineries grew over the following decade— a growth which was marked by the addition and founding of Contadi Castaldi in 1987 as an off-shoot of the very same winery. Today, the two wineries function independently, however they still have one very important common denominator that likens them to one another: the magnificent and famed Terra Moretti wine estate. It doesn't stop there, both wineries produce some of the Bel Paese's best Metodo Classico Spumante, or Italian sparkling wine. These are wines of irresistible intrigue that have graced the tables of some of Italy's most important events, and will continue to do so in the years to come. Elegant and expressive, and in some cases quite exclusive, these are the wines available in today's selection just for you, starting of course with a must from Bellavista: their treasured Cuvée Alma. Don't wait; get yours today.

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