Gewürztraminer wine is a cornucopia of fragrant aromatic abundance wrapped in a glass. This white wine features intense tropical aromas and is one of the best wines for the summertime, teetering ever so gracefully on border of elegance and complexity. It also pairs well with an array of dishes, giving it a touch of versatility. From the mountain peaks of Trentino in Northern Italy to the semi-desert climate of Mendoza in Argentina, and along the rich soils of Alsace and Alto-Adige, this white wine comes in a myriad of versions and styles with a kaleidoscope of aromas. Certainly, the Alto-Adige varieties are the most elegant of the lot. These include wines such as Tiefenbrunner's "Turmhof" Gewürztraminer and another by Laimburg wineries, two wines that pair excellently with fish. The Alsace varieties, on the other hand, stand out for their opulence, making it such that the wines from this region pair well with things such as boldly-flavoured cheeses and Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine. And finally, we have the Argentinian variety which is the most versatile of the three. What are you waiting for? Try some today.

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