You know, as the old adage goes, red wines are not to be drunk in warm weather. There is, in fact, a grain of truth behind this common belief, seeing as more well-structured aged red wines with high alcohol content do not tend to go well with warmer seasons. However, there some reds that are on the younger, fresher, fruitier side, making the adage old news. There's nothing more lovely than a smooth, fragrant, light red wine for the springtime, whether it be a Lambrusco from Emilia-Romagna or a Pinot Noir from northern Italy, or even a Frappato from Sicily or a Schiava Nera from the mighty Dolomites, or a Rossese di Dolceacqua. Whatever wine you choose, you will always find that its chock-full of youth and fruity floral fragrance. Today's selection brings together all of our best wines for the springtime, which recommend serving lightly chilled for a toast to the nice weather!

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