If you're looking for a wine that truly captures the essence of Italy, then you're in the right spot. These exciting expressions of local tradition are making a comeback after having been put on the back burner for years, thanks to a few vintners who have decided to start producing them again with notably higher quality compared to previous production methods. Are you looking for a red white to pair with fish? Try a Schiava wine from Alto Adige. If you prefer delicate floral whites, we suggest a Ribolla or Arneis which pair great with shellfish and make the perfect wine for Italian-style aperitivo. How about a wine with hints of fresh herbs? That would be a Vermentino from the northwestern coastal region of Liguria. And finally, we have Lambrusco, a passe-partout wine to accompany meals and without a doubt the symbol of Emilia-Romagna. Try them all today.

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