Today's selection features an array of the most trendy wines of the moment— an assortment of red, white and sparkling wines to add some much-needed summer fun to this month of June. Let's see what we have in store. For starters, we've got some Italian spumanti which we simply love for their versatility and ease of pairing. Next we've got some fresh well-balanced white wines, like Lunae wineries' "Etichetta Grigia" Colli di Luni Vermentino DOC, a Ligurian wine that captures all the region's sea-like herby aromas. Another trendy white wine is Vigneti Massa's Timorasso Derthona, which is their most popular and multi-faceted wine. As a matter of fact, Walter Massa of Vigneti Massa wineries, is widely known as the "father of Timorasso", not only for having revived this wine type but also for having saved the grape variety from near extinction. As for reds, on the other hand, the most trendy ones of the moment stand out for their easy-to-drink appeal, such as BioGaia's "Crius" Nero d'Avola, which is made using biodynamic winemaking techniques. We love this red for its authenticity and immediacy; it is honest and no-frills. Try this and many other trendy wines today. Cheers!

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