Mas de Cadenet

1813 marks the beginning of everything: it’s in this year that the Negrel family buys the Domaine Mas de Cadenet, located near Aix-en-Provence, at the bottom of Mont Sainte Victoire, which inspired the canvases of the famous painter Paul Cézanne.
It’s a strip of the French coast that separates Italy from Spain, in a territory that traditionally offers what among the best rosé wines in the world. The estate can currently count on a total area of ​​about 50 hectares in total, grouped in a single plot and conducted according to the rules of organic agriculture. That is, with the utmost respect for the environment, ecosystem, nature and biodiversity. The varieties of rolle, syrah, grenache, cinsault and cabernet sauvignon here grow on soils with a mixed composition of gravel, clay, and sand. And what’s surprising is that it’s still a family business – seven generations – and today it’s based on centuries-old traditions and on long-standing knowledge. These are the essential ingredients, which make up the recipe from which the labels of Mas de Cadenet come to life. Some vines are aged even 70 years, and from this balance between man and nature come remarkable Provence wines.
Mas de Cadenet wines are delicate and deep at the same time, fresh and fragrant, rich in mineral nuances and of absolute quality. The "Arbaude", the "Mas Negrel Cadenet", the "Cuvée Bicentenaire", up to all the IGP Méditerranée, AOC Côtes de Provence and AOC Bandol wines, these labels capture the excellence of the Provence terroir.