Straight-forward, fresh and delightful, and served cold, Prosecco is perfect for the summer, paired with a lovely meal or for a casual evening with friends. Prosecco changed our way of thinking about sparkling wine, with its youthful dynamic approach and today it is the star of our selection featuring an exceptional line-up of wines from the best wineries of the region. Among them, we have Villa Marcello, a winery where history, nature and wine intersect in a splendid way. Previously, this Venetian villa was owned by the famed Italian Tiepolo family and used as a hunting estate. We absolutely suggest trying their Prosecco Treviso Spumante Extra Dry DOC, with its inviting white floral aromas and its fresh and delicate flavours. If you prefer something a little more structured that can hold its own when paired, for instance, with tuna and prawn sashimi, we recommend Cappello wineries’ Prosecco Brut DOC with its hints of wisteria and acacia flower on the nose, and its fragrant, bright and intense flavour profile. We particularly like this winery for its connection with technology and tradition— two things it artfully blends and a characteristic that has become its distinguishing feature, all thanks to Fernanda Cappello, the woman who, in just a few short years, completely turned this beautiful winery around. The list of Prosecco winemakers doesn’t end here, try them all today!

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